A New Venture
Seeing a lack of passion, education and community engagement, and equal opportunity in the cannabis industry, our founders joined together to form a company that represents a safe and caring cannabis community. At REVIVAL, we did away with the old school dispensary model and curated a space for education, connection, and culture/style to flourish. Located in the Queen City, REVIVAL is an expression of our community, our values, and our future.
Rooted in Science
Our future physician-led leadership team’s passion for science, community engagement, and belief in the life-changing benefits of cannabis fits harmoniously with our mission to help create a better cannabis industry. We envision a cannabis industry that is driven by quality craft products produced by all communities, for all communities. Our commitment is to crafting fine cannabis flowers and bringing them to market in a safe, sustainable, and responsible way.

Our Mission

Guided by a passion for cannabis education, community revitalization, and personalized experiences, our craft microbusiness will be the premier provider of accessible and affordable locally-grown, high-quality and unique cannabis products in Buffalo, NY.

Partners & Co-Founders

Armond June

Armond June is a Buffalo native and 4th-year candidate in the MD-PhD program at the Jacob’s School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He is a published researcher with diverse biomedical and clinical experience. Armond earned his B.S in the Biological Sciences from the University at Buffalo before beginning training as a physician-scientist.

Charles Paglione

Charles Paglione, a Buffalo native, currently holds an Associate position at S2N Health Consulting firm in Boston, MA. In this position, he supports the C-Suite of dozens of medical technology companies with commercial strategy, market assessment, and M&A strategy. Charles graduated from Northeastern University with degrees in Biomedical Engineering B.S & Biochemistry B.S.